I love to reflect and share and video is a great way to do so!

Check out my YouTube channel to see what I’m thinking about…

Raleigh Rambles - Treating People Like People - It Matters

Twas the Night Before #DEPLA2016 - The Tour!

Mystery Hangout - Hallett (Denver) & 2VClass (Slackwood: NJ)

10th Day of Truth - Realizations About Work, Life, and Mental Health

10 Days of Truth (9) - Illustrations of Anxiety & Depression

10 Days of Truth (8) - Teaching "Broke" Me: My Anxiety Origin Story

10 Days of Truth (7) - A Terrible Idea? Why Am I Doing This?!

10 Days of Truth (6) - Navigating the Process of Therapy

10 Days of Truth (5) - Setbacks & Social Anxiety

#Breakoutedu With Educators at #COllapporative

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