Announcing… Vid-Learnings!

I frequently come across videos in my Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, and Google+ feeds and will immediately open them and push play to see if they are worth bookmarking to watch later. (If we’re being honest, most of those bookmarked videos/websites/blog posts/articles… aren’t getting looked at ever again. But that’s a different problem to solve on a different day!) When I have time I’ll let that initial minute turn into several – sometimes even 15 or 20 (watched on 2x speed most of the time). Before I know it I am sucked into a speaker’s words, pausing to frantically type my favorite quotes and lines that cause an audible, “mmm” with a head nod, or an inquisitive “huh”, head tilted slightly. I’ll often add these videos to a YouTube playlist or, in the least, favorite them – 2 actions which trigger an auto-Tweet to my feed. Sometimes I’ll share the video link and dutifully edit a Tweet to 140 chars, putting forth the best summary I can muster in far-too-few words. But it never feels quite enough. Not enough attention brought to a video that really caused me pause or initiated a feeling of inspiration or action. Not enough space to thoroughly capture my thinking and the quotes that had an impact worthy of the time to get them just right as I type them.

Not enough sharing. Not enough transparency. Until now… CUE VID-LEARNINGS!


So often I start a blog post or jot down my thinking somewhere with every intention of creating a fully-formed blog post I can share with the world. But then I don’t have time to finish. Or I get caught up in my own perfectionism, editing and re-editing only to hit save while telling myself I will come back and publish it soon. But let’s be real – that doesn’t happen, nor is the perfectionistic process necessary. So from now on I am pushing myself to publish half-formed thoughts, random ideas, and any other thinking that I want to quickly dump out of my headspace and into the world. One of the ways I am going to take on this challenge for myself is by sharing, “What I’m Vid-Learning”. I will post the video that got me thinking, and any quotes I made note of while watching. Sometimes I will make time to explain a bit about why I captured those quotes or to share my big takeaways from the video, but if I don’t have time or brainpower to do so..that’s ok! I might come back and edit the post with those things, but I might just let the post be.

So, stay tuned for some Vid-Learnings and feel free to share your own favorite videos with any quotes or ideas that stand out for you!

One thought on “Announcing… Vid-Learnings!

  1. Great idea! I, too, get caught up in editing, revising, editing, revising….. Until I think it’s perfect. You make a great point about just mind dumping to share with others. That’s how discourse happens, right?

    Love the vid-learning! I’m considering making videos for my students this year to help them through difficult texts like Shakespeare or _The Odyssey_. My students could use your idea to capture notes/quotes that guided by them while they were reading. Thanks for sharing your idea!

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