Jessica Raleigh's Portfolio

Jessica Raleigh's Portfolio


Teacher Preparation

Stanley British Primary Internship

As a Stanley British Primary School (SBPS) Teacher Intern I worked full time in the classroom alongside a mentor teacher in an apprenticeship model. My responsibilities steadily increased over the year, starting with small group instruction and ending the year managing the entire class and all teacher responsibilities. Through the SBPS intern year I gained an understanding of experience-based, developmentally appropriate education.

According to the SBPS website, "With ongoing feedback and support from their mentor teachers and educational advisors, interns participate in all aspects of the teaching process. They learn to teach children with a wide range of abilities, and share in celebrating diversity within the classroom." This experience was invaluable in preparing me for the real-world demands on a classroom teacher. I gained a thorough understanding of the joys and challenges students and teachers face on a daily basis by spending time in classrooms of all ages, abilities, and populations.


For the 2010-2011 school year I was an intern at Denver Public Schools’ gifted, talented, and high achieving school, teaching with the 3rd and 4th grade teams at Polaris at Ebert. I participated in faculty-wide and vertical team meetings, communicated with families and administration and created a collaborative online community to be used by the Polaris teachers and principal. I participated in report card writing, parent-teacher conferences, and IEP/ALP/504 meetings throughout the year.

Colorado Elementary Education License

In addition to my full-time internship I completed 225 seminar hours of coursework for licensure in elementary education. These seminars include lectures, experiential workshops, and in-depth discussions addressing the Colorado Department of Education’s Colorado Academic Standards for students and Performance-Based Standards for Colorado Teachers. In 2011-2012 I completed the induction process for a CDE professional teaching license.

Master's of Arts - Educational Psychology and Special Education

Through the University of Colorado Denver I am receiving an MA in Educational Psychology. I have 3 semester credits remaining, to be finished in 2012. Once this Master’s is complete I hope to begin coursework to receive my Gifted and Talented endorsement, as well as a Special Education Generalist endorsement and an MA in Special Education.