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I don’t have a Twitter account…yet.

Not to worry! We’ll be using Twitter to connect with others in the room and in the larger online community, so here are some next steps before we get started today. The graphic will help you sign up.

If you have an account, scroll down for next steps!

Getting Started w Twitter (1)

You may also want to peruse my favorite resources from:

Craig Kemp
Alice Keeler



Overwhelmed or interested in just watching for a bit first?

No problem! Although you will get the most of this experience by having a Twitter account, always remember that Lurking IS Learning! You can go to #BFC530 and click on “Live” to watch the conversation without an account.



Looking for more resources & tools? includes curated lists for Twitter, Google+, Voxer, and more! Scroll down to “Using Twitter” for my favorite resources on getting started, and “Twitter – Tools” for ways to enhance your experience using tools like Tweetdeck.


If you have an account already:

  • Find @TyrnaD and say hello!
  • Search & peruse the #BFC530 community
  • Play with the resources shared above ( I especially love Tweetdeck for chats.
  • Help a neighbor, make a friend! The power of the PLN is in how we support & connect with one another. Let’s embrace that today!

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