My #ISTE2015 Schedule

My pal Steve Isaacs (@Mr_Isaacs) posted his ISTE schedule for the week and I thought it was a fabulous idea to help others learn about some of the sessions and events that will be available throughout the week. Here is my schedule for #ISTE2015 – I hope you’ll come by and say hello or grab me in the hallways if you see me! As an introvert I know how hard it can be to connect with strangers, even if you know them from an online space, but please don’t hesitate because I love connecting with fellow educators and I want to meet you! If you have a blog perhaps you could post at least a couple highlights from your ISTE schedule as well!

Sunday, June 28th

I’ll be up bright and early (3:45am to be exact) to stumble my way out of the house so Ben Wilkoff (@bhwilkoff) and I can be to the airport for our 7am flight to Philly. Luckily ISTE is in Denver next summer, so as I’m lamenting the early morning and travel woes I’ll be reminding myself that next year I have it easy.

We arrive at 12:40 to the welcome committee of my roomies Beth Houf (@BethHouf) and Jay Billy (@JayBilly2) who I cannot wait to meet in person for the first time! Talk about the power of the PLN – online connections turned friends and ISTE roommates. I’m stoked!

3:00-4:00pm: ISTE Live Rehearsal in Ops Room.

I’m moderating 4 sessions for ISTE Live, the virtual arm of the conference for attendees who can’t make it to Philly but want to partake in some synchronous learning. I’m starting to get a bit nervous about moderating, but in the “this is a fun new challenge and time to grow!” sort of way.

5:45 pm – 7:00 pm: Opening Keynote: Soledad O’Brien 

Since I am moderating ISTE Live I have the option to watch the keynote from the Ops Room and see how everything is managed behind the scenes. I will say the experience of getting to the keynote in a sea of thousands of people is not my favorite, so I may take the out and watch from the Ops Room..but probably I’ll end up jumping in to the chaos and living the ISTE experience alongside my friends.

Monday, June 29th

6:00 – 7:00 am CoffeeEdu with Alice Keeler & Steven Isaacs

I’ve been watching from afar as awesome educators came together for lots of #CoffeeEDU meetups this year, and I am dying to join in the fun during ISTE! Join a passionate group of educators for your morning coffee and edu-awesome conversation. CoffeeEdu is the ultimate unconference. One Hour.  Great way to start the day!
Starbucks | 1500 Market Street #465, Philadelphia, PA

8:30-10:00: Moderate ISTE Live – Ignite Sessions

This will be the first session I moderate for ISTE Live, and I’m hoping I can keep up! I’ll be moderating from the Ops Room and then doing a Q & A afterwards with 2 of the presenters. If you’ve never been to an Ignite I highly recommend trying to get a spot at one this week. The ISTE Ignite format is 10-15 presenters who each get 5 minutes to share their message and inspire the audience using only 20 slides (set to automatically change every 15 seconds). It’s a rapid-fire, upbeat, exciting audience experience that is worth making time in your schedule for. There are 4 opportunities during ISTE: Ignite Round 1 Sunday 1:30-3pm; Ignite Round 2 Monday 8:30-9:45am; Ignite Round 3 Tuesday 10:45am-12pm; Ignite Round 4 Wednesday 10:15-11:30am Do get there early because these are one of the more popular events during the conference – the lines usually start early and seats fill up quickly.

10:15-10:45: Meet Chris Walsh for ISTE Live Rehearsal

To ensure ISTE Live is the best virtual experience it can be for attendees, the moderators and presenters are asked to connect beforehand to go over the session agenda, materials, and discuss places to bring the virtual attendees in on the learning just as much as the in-person attendees. Chris can’t make the Sunday rehearsal so we’ll sync up Monday to chat!

4:15-5:15: Personalized Learning Panel: Stories, Process and Models

I’m humbled to be participating in this panel organized by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McKlaskey, my 2 favorite personalized learning gurus and all-around phenomenal women. Each educator on the panel will share what personalized learning looks like in their districts, and I’m delighted to be in the company of Barbara, Kathleen, Bryan Bronn, Caroline Camara, Pat Lusher, John Parker, Lauren Parren, and Pernille Ripp.

(A note of uber transparency: Pernille was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and her honest, heartfelt blog posts have been monumental as I’ve navigated similar situations and challenges as an educator. She posted When Teachers Bully Teachers during one of the hardest times in my career and I vividly remember making it only several paragraphs in before the tears streamed down my face. Her words cut hard, echoing the pain and burden I had been carrying far too long and that I am still working to make peace with. To say I am excited to finally meet her would be the understatement of the year. It will be an honor.)

5:30-6:30pm Moderate ISTE Live Peer Networking

ISTE has some phenomenal networking sessions each day, listed on the schedule as Birds of a Feather and focused around various topics of interests ripe for conversations and connecting with likeminded educators. Sadly this is one of the things virtual attendees miss out on, but this year they’ll have a chance to debrief and reflect on their day’s learnings and connect with other virtual attendees using the UnHangouts platform developed by MIT. This virtual unconference will provide a time and space for participants to split out into small groups using Google Hangouts so they can discuss a topic of interest. I LOVE Hangouts, LOVE unconferencing, and most of all I DELIGHT in the chance to share these things with others – so helping facilitate this will be right up my alley!

7:00pm-9:00ish #BFC530 Meetup!!!!


The #BFC530 community has been coming together for a 15 minute, 1 question sparkchat Mon-Fri 5:30am ET and 5:30am MT since July 2014. It started with just a couple people each morning and has grown to hundreds of educators from all over the globe who connect via Twitter, Voxer, and Google Hangouts. This is by far the most amazing PLN and online community I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of, and I cannot wait to see so many of our BFC crew in person!! Be prepared…the hugs and selfies will be in copious supply!




Tuesday, June 30th

6:00 – 7:00 am CoffeeEdu with Alice Keeler & Steven Isaacs

I’m going to attend as many CoffeeEDU meetups as I can during the week! Join a passionate group of educators for your morning coffee and edu-awesome conversation. CoffeeEdu is the ultimate unconference. One Hour.  Great way to start the day!
Starbucks | 1500 Market Street #465, Philadelphia, PA

8:30-10:00am Personalized Learning Breakfast w/ Barbara, Kathleen, and Crew!

Every year at ISTE Barbara Bray and Kathleen McKlaskey bring together a group of educators to connect and share their experiences with personalized learning. I am really looking forward to getting to know this group better and hearing the amazing things they are doing back home.

10:45am-12:15pm Moderate ISTE Live – Don’t Just Watch, Learn! w/ Chris Walsh

I’ll be moderating this hour-long session (10:45-11:45) about “using video to engage students and deepen learning” and then spend some time afterwards doing a Q & A with Chris and the ISTE Live virtual attendees.

2:15-3:15pm: Facilitate The Passionate PLN: Connecting with Educators Who Inspire and Ask “Why Not?”

This session is going to be a super-fun opportunity to learn more about using Twitter to create your own personalized professional learning experiences, create a PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network), and connect with likeminded educators who inspire the greatness within you and your students. There will even be a live #BFC530 15 minute, 1 question sparkchat led by someone in the room! I am really excited to share The Breakfast Club with ISTE2015 and to help others find their place within an awesome community of educators.

5:15-6:30 Facilitate Birds of a Feather Personalized Learning Isn’t Just for Kids…Educators Need Personalization Too!

Ben Wilkoff and I will be facilitating a conversation about Personalized Professional Learning and how Choice, Transparency, and Reflection can fundamentally change adult learning as we know it. We are really looking forward to discussing online communities of practice, personalized professional learning plans, video for reflective practice, and other ways people are empowering educators to take back their PD and be in charge of their growth and learning experiences.

7:00-11:00pm EdTech Karaoke @ ISTE 2015

This is the big after-hours event of the conference hosted by symbaloo EDU. It’s a fun way to connect with fellow ISTE attendees and members of your PLN in one place, and if you’re so-inclined to sing your heart out! Space is limited so be sure to reserve your tickets now and to pick up your VIP badge in the vendor hall during the conference. Only people with VIP badges can get in, but you can reserve spots for up to 10 people at once if you are going with a group.

Wednesday, July 1

6:00 – 7:00 am CoffeeEdu with Alice Keeler & Steven Isaacs

If I end up not being out too late at karaoke the night before I might head to CoffeeEDU again. Join a passionate group of educators for your morning coffee and edu-awesome conversation. CoffeeEdu is the ultimate unconference. One Hour.  Great way to start the day!
Starbucks | 1500 Market Street #465, Philadelphia, PA

11:00am-1:00pm Poster Session on Personalized Learning Make Learning Personal With Stories

This will be my first experience doing a poster session and I am looking forward to sharing our stories and hearing from others. It should be a really great time connecting with attendees about personalized learning. I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

2:45-4:00pm Moderate ISTE Live Closing Keynote With Josh Stumpenhorst

My final moderation of the conference will be the closing keynote. I’ve heard amazing things about Josh and am excited to hear his story and share it with virtual attendees of ISTE Live.

9:00pm Leaving on a Jet Plane

It’ll be sad to end the whirlwind 4 days of learning and connecting with amazing people, but after an intense few weeks of CamCon, InnEdCO15, and ISTE2015 I’ll be ready to get back in the groove with work and hopefully slow my pace a bit to enjoy summer with my husband and Yorkie furbaby, Trogdor.

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My Outlook Calendar during ISTE 2015


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