I’m Vid-Learning… The Creation Hierarchy – Casey Neistat

In this 100th vlog, Casey Neistat shares an idea of a Creation Hierarchy, stating that,

The power of creativity really falls into 3 categories, 3 tiers…

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That (HBO) show, we just made. My brother and I and the guy we worked with, we just made it. HBO never hired us, we just made it. We just created. That’s creating, that’s step one. It reaches the least amount of people, it’s the easiest to do, but it’s the most important because it’s the first step.

I love everything about this. The message that anyone can create, that all you have to do is follow through on an idea and make it happen – that you don’t have to wait for someone to give you permission or encourage your creation. This message resonates with me both as an educator and a creator.

Tier 2 is when your creation, what you make, inspires and motivates others to create. It’s to make work that other people see, and it compels them to make work of their own.

Casey references amazing filmmakers like Werner Hertzog who can inspire great numbers of people with just 1 piece of work. This is incredibly powerful, but I also think that message could confuse people into a false dichotomy about the Creation Hierarchy. In tier one he makes the case that anyone can create, but in tier 2 he focuses on the idea that in order to inspire others to create you have to produce a life-changing work that reaches the masses. Recently I’ve been reminded that by reading other people’s blogs I am more inspired to write on my own blog, that by seeing the things others are creating it gives me great ideas to borrow/steal/build onto in my own ways. And many of the blog posts I’ve been inspired by lately have been written by people just starting their journey into blogging. One was even an educator’s very first blog post, written as a guest blogger – she doesn’t even have her own blog yet!

I love the idea of inspiring others through the things we create, and I think it is good to be reminded again and again that we all can gain inspiration from a variety of places. There are so many ways other people might be inspired to create by seeing something we share, and oftentimes it is something we didn’t even realize others would be interested in. When you have an idea, just create it..and when in doubt, share it out!

The final tier is by far the hardest to accomplish, but it’s the most powerful cuz it can affect the most amount of people. That third tier is to create a tool that empowers others to create.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about the tool Casey is working on, but I started thinking about the value of creating not only a tool in tier 3, but the creation of an opportunity. In the same way that a tool could provide people the inspiration and means to create, so can an opportunity. In my mind, though, creating a tool seems like a much more burdensome process – requiring expertise, resources, and a good deal of ongoing maintenance/support for people using the tool. While creating a tool feels like something a select few could do, creating an opportunity seems much more doable for anyone. I see this kind of thing happening all the time in my PLN – teachers creating challenges for blogging, social media use, podcasting, and a variety of other areas that encourage a larger group of people to create and share together. When we make opportunities for others to be creators it provides a means for many people, not just a few, to be part of the creation hierarchy.

What will you create next? What opportunity will you build that encourages others to create and share?

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